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Registration is Now Open

The Online Conferences for
Grades One through Eight

Choose any fourteen-day period from
June 1 - September 30
December 1 - February 28

With Eugene Schwartz, Roberto Trostli,
Meg Chittenden, and Raine Springer

Last summer hundreds of teachers took part in the Online Conferences.
Their evaluations were stellar, and we are pleased to offer this rich content, affordable tuition, and convenient format once again.
Whether you are a Class Teacher or Special Subject Teacher, scroll down to see the details about our courses.

How do the Online Conferences work?

The Online Conferences are not merely a substitute for “live” conferences. Rather, they are a re-imagination of what a teachers’ conference can be. They utilize audio files of lectures, slideshows of student work, and training films that allow participants to closely follow a master teacher’s detailed approach to Form Drawing or painting, games or songs, and demonstrations of Physics or Chemistry. Lecturers are not bound by the 90-minute limit of a live conference presentation, so they are free to take as much time as they need to range broadly and delve deeply into a subject. The online lectures are then divided into very digestible 15-20 minute segments so that any content that may have been missed can easily be found again. Imagine being able to “pause” and “replay” a lecture as often as needed, while taking notes on your word processor as you listen!

And how much do they cost?

No other teacher conferences offer as much content as the Online Conferences, and no other teacher conferences give teachers 14 days in which to participate at their own pace. With a tuition of only USD $450, these are the most affordable teacher conferences in the world. Teachers participate in the Online Conferences from anywhere in the world. If you can connect to the internet we can stream the courses to you. There are no expenses incurred for travel, accommodations, or meals. A teacher taking part in an Online Conference, rather than a live or Zoom conference at a training institute, can save anywhere from USD $250 to USD $1000.

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